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Other things
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Other things
Other things
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Other things
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I found the queen to reign my heart
Tuesday, May 09, 2006
I can't believe I'm standing here
Been waiting for so many years and
Today I found the queen to reign my heart.
You changed my life so patiently
And turned it into something good and real
I feel just like I felt in all my dreams.
There are questions hard to answer, can't you see...

yahh .. lirik lagunya bagus .. melow ... romantic, cocok dengan apa yg ku rasa saat ini .. fall in love hohohohoho .... honestly ... its true .. i love to be loved by you ..

"apak lope ka lope se mah !!! latiah wak liek nyo ..." godok bilang itu pas gw nulis ini ... tapi harus gemana lagi .. this feel true .. i love to be loved by you ...

"lah tu pak, lah tu pak a" godok ngomong lagi, ntah cemburu ntah apa ... tapi yg penting ... skali lagi aku pengen bilang ... yang ... I Love To Be Love .. I Need To Be Love By You ... "miriang an stek pak" godok kasih komentar lagi .. I Love To Be Love .. I Need To Be Love By You , nah udah dok ^^

"apo artinyo pak" godok nanya lagi ... /me hanya diam .. dan ngetik "Aku Suka Untuk Jatuh Cinta Dengan Mu" ... "oooh itu toh" godok nyeloteh lagi .. "huh !!!" dasar godok pengen tau aja ...

eheheheh ... just it ..
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